Vagabond, Outlaw, Renegade, Lover , Ireland’s Elvis. also known as  Philip Parris Lynott  – Just about every Irish person and music fan knows that name.

The Roisín Dubh Trust and this site exists to remind the world of the incredible talent is Philip Parris Lynott

Philip was born in Birmingham, England on August 20, 1949 the son of a Brazilian father and an Irish mother. The black South American, named Parris and nicknamed The Duke left Phil’s mother Phyllis, just three weeks after the baby was born and headed back to Brazil. He left Phyllis with the task of bringing up a black baby in Catholic Ireland in the Fifties. In the event she went to live in Manchester while the baby was brought up by his grandmother Sarah. Both mother and grandmother were to be celebrated in the songs ‘Sarah’ and ‘Philomena.’ His grandmother had a hard job keeping him under control but at school he quickly became the centre of attention, and even toyed with the idea becoming a draughtsman. But most of his time was spent learning self defence in the playground! It was music that really caught his imagination, and a career in bands would provide just the right escape route for a working class lad with ideas and an urge to write. (see the full history from the button on the menu on the left – ‘Story of a Vagabond’)

Philip always referred to followers of Thin Lizzy, not as fans but as ‘supporters’ in the same essence as football fans are called supporters. He was always aware of the supporters and realised their contribution to the success of the band. He was also a football supporter and followed Manchester United in which he one had shares

If you have only recently discovered the music and talent of Philip Lynott or are a long time supporter, welcome.

The Thin Lizzy community is far reaching with fans from all corners of the world many of whom travel every year to attend the vibe on January 4th and birthday/statue anniversary celebrations in August. More information on the Vibe can be found from the ‘Links’ page

Most information you will need can be found within the site. If that’s not the case head to the ‘Links’ page where you will find many other sites dedicated to Philip and Thin Lizzy

The Legend of the Vagabond
According to the Ancient Legends of the Mythological Cycle, they tell us of a Celtic Otherworld to the West. A place where happiness reigns. There is no age, sickness or death, and a hundred years are as one day.

One day a rider approached from this Western world. A maiden, most beautiful to behold, dressed in a gown of gleaming gossamer, her steed pure white with golden hooves.

“I have come for your son”, she said to the Ruler of the Land, in a soft silver tone, “to carry him away with me to the Western World.”

Now when the Ruler’s son saw the Maiden he fell deeply in love with her, and in that moment’s weakness, he bade his father farewell taking the “Sacred Vow” never to return.

On the journey she told him of a vision, where she was to be his wife, but his first born would be by another, he would break his “Sacred Vow”. But when they reached the Western World, he was so overcome by its beauty that he quickly forgot her words of warning.

In the time that passed they were wed and lived in great joy and happiness till his heart grew heavy with a longing to see his homeland once more. After much pleading she consented to let him go, with the white steed, on condition that he returned before a day had passed, or he would grow old and die.

Returning to his homeland he found things greatly changed, for many hundreds of years had passed while he had been away.

In the guise of a vagabond he took to the road, to see his world one final time. On his travels through the world, he beheld many strange and wondrous sights, winning the hearts of all the fairest maidens.

Now when the time for his return to the Western world was nearing, he met a gypsy girl, her eyes were of clearest blue and with dark magic and her charms, she captured his soul. In the Spring of his last year she told him she was to bear his child. He knew then he must return for the child would be cursed. It was the night the child was born that he left.

It is written from that day to this, all male descendants of the fatherless child are blessed in the art of love, to win the hearts of any, but cursed never to be in love, or they will grow old and wither.

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