Ownership of all intellectual property rights and copyright in the material (including, but not limited to, information, content, graphics, images, navigation buttons, trademarks, service marks, logos, text, and html and CGI code) available on this website (the ”Material“) is, unless otherwise stated, the property of The Black Rose Trust Foundation Limited (the Trust).  Save as set out below, the consent of the Trust is required before this Material or any part of it may be copied or adapted in any form or made available to the public by any method and any such consent is conditional upon appropriate acknowledgment being given of the Trust’s rights in such Material.

You are granted permission to:

browse the information available on this website (including making such copies in RAM or other temporary storage device necessary to facilitate such browsing)

  • create links to the Trust’s homepage; and
  • print out hard copies for personal use, provided that same is not used for the purpose of private or commercial gain provided in each of the above cases, that the following obligations are adhered to
  • 1. That the Trust’ website is acknowledged as the source of the information and/or Material, such acknowledgment to include the Trust’s website URL.

    2. That third parties to whom such information is copied, are advised of these conditions and that they must comply with them.

    That anything copied from the website is copied in a complete and unmodified form.

    3. This limited recopying licence shall in no circumstances, permit the incorporation of any of the extracted information or the Materials or any part of it in any other work or publication howsoever published.

    The Trust provides no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, timeliness, completeness or fitness for any purpose of any information or Materials contained on this website.

    This website is subject to change from time to time.  While the Trust attempts to assure the correctness and timeliness of all information and Material posted on this website, it takes no responsibility for errors or omissions which may be the result of technical causes, negligence or otherwise. Further, the Trust specifically disclaims all responsibility for damage or loss arising as a result of use of information provided herein.

    The Trust maintains the right to delete or modify in part or in full any information on this website without prior notice.

    © The Black Rose Trust Foundation Limited 2010.  All rights reserved.


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