Your Stories

“……I had to write this letter
……………a friend of mine suggested
That I write to this address”

January 2020
Lizzy was my favorite band growing up. “Don’t believe a word was one of the first songs I played withe my first band at 14 in 79. I played drums back then. Many years later in 95 I sang for Sweden in the Eurovision song festival in Dublin. I had one day off. I decided to visit St Fintan’s Cemetery were Phil rests. Philomena heard about this and was waiting there at my arrival. We talked some and then she invited me to her house for tea. I arranged for her to see the Eurovision at the Point.
A great memory. 
All the best Jan Johansen

APRIL 2012
My one memory of Philip was from meeting him before and after a show in Washington D.C. at a tiny little movie theatre called the Ontario on the Chinatown tour. After the show, which of course was fantastic, I told him it was great, but he was unconsolable. I believe he was disappointed in the venue, as we was basically saying there’s no way the show could have been any good because the place was so small. I could tell he felt embarrassed and pissed off, as he signed my ticket and was basically dismissive about his performance. I told him I was his biggest fan and then was pushed aside by this guy who had an ENORMOUS album of Thin Lizzy memorabilia which of course fascinated Philip and I was then ignored! I asked for one of his poetry books, but was denied! Arrgh! So I had my wife Noelle (girlfriend at the time) ask him for one, and since she was an attractive young lass, he did give her one and sign it, which I promptly snatched away from her! :3) She had never even heard of them and funny enough later that night Brian Downey asked her back to the hotel room, but she thought he was the roadie because he was carrying his own gear so she said no!
We were graciously allowed to come backstage briefly to meet the band. It was a rock star’s dream to us as they had a cart which was pushed out with a bunch of liquor and a pile of coke. We were 16 at the time and totally impressed! After meeting Scott, Brian, Darren and Snowy also (we had met with Scott and Darren at the WAVA radio station earlier that morning) the males of the group were asked to leave! Meaning my girlfriend could stay with the band if I liked! I told Noelle to go ahead and stay–I was ready to offer my girlfriend up to the rock gods if that was my destiny. This was long before cellphones so there would have been no way to know where she had gone or what happened to her so we were understandably reticent. We were handed some memorabilia–pins, stickers etc. and waited outside for the girls. Noelle did not end up going back to hotel with the band, although she was duly plied. We got back to the car and it had been broken into and all our Thin Lizzy cassettes were gone! Bummer! But we had just met our heroes and had a bunch of rare swag so we didn’t care…we were dancing in the moonlight!!

Still Missing You
In a run down bar, playing bass guitar,
you showed `em how to sing,
speakers boomed, black rose bloomed,
into a beautiful thing,
a poet and a sage, you owned that stage,
in a way that was almost regal
you were street wise and tough,when you strutted your stuff,
with the one and only Black Eagles,
Roisin dubh, with the stars above, still missing you,
Roisin dubh, can you feel the love,that`s coming through,
Roisin dubh, with the stars above,still missing you,
got drunk with Lizzie, she made us dizzy,
with “whiskey in the jar”,
and when the “boys came back”,we had the craic,
from Dublin to U.S.S.R,
those wild days gone, but your tunes lives on,
in platinum and gold,
`cause when god made Phil, to top the bill,
he through away the mold,
Roisin dubh, with the stars above, still missing you,
Roisin dubh, can you feel the love, that`s coming through,
Roisin dubh, with the stars above, still missing you,
© 2011.Coamhin O`Nuallain

February 2011
I was lucky enough to secure an invite to the Ol’ 55  “Cruisin for a bruisin’ party  at the Studios of Channel 7 Sydney located at the time at Epping NSW in 1978.
I was 18 years old and a avid fan of Thin Lizzy whom I had heard would  be at the party.
Within about half an hour of arriving I sought out Phil for an autograph as I had brought my Thin Lizzy album Jailbreak, which I still have.   Phil was everything I had envisaged he would be like. I remember he was very tall and had a lovely smile and nice face.  He signed my album for me and then asked me if I would like his Thin LIzzy pin that he was wearing to which I said yes and he gave it to me. I was thrilled. He was very much a gentleman and had a lovely accent and well spoken and polite.
I was thrilled and on cloud nine.
I then went on to get the other boys autographs on the album.  I stayed till around midnight as the guests were by that time very much intoxicated to which Phil appeared the least.
To this day I regret that I never thought to take a camera with me to have my picture taken with Phil or the other members of Thin Lizzy.
I still have the badge that Phil gave me that night and have always treasured it.Photo attached.
I was so sad to hear that Phil had died.  It was also a sad shock to hear that Gary Moore passed away yesterday.  I remember him as he had to be supported by a number of people as he was unable to walk unaided due the amount of alcohol he had consumed but he still managed to sign my album.
I would like to thank the parents ever so much for having given the world these guys as they will always be my number one favorites.
I am 51 years old now and the memories of Phil still vivid.
The following day I went and saw the boys on stage at the Sydney Opera House and had a super time which I hated to see end.  I have tried to keep track of the boys since and grab any album they produced.
Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to add my story to the list of others whom have come before me with their heartfelt stories of their times meeting Thin Lizzy.
Louise Clayton
Formerly of North Sydney and now Wagga Wagga NSW Australia..

August 2009
Hi there, just wanted to say that I have made sure Phil’s name will live forever in our house as I have now named my daughter in the style i named my son.
Morgan Parris was born 4 years ago, and I gave him Phil’s middle name as my way of remembering.(part 1!!)
Siobhan Roisin was born 3 months ago and as you can see she also helps me to remember (part 2!!!)
they bring a smile to my face every day and i get a buzz knowing that Phil’s influence lives on in the next generation.
Kindest regards

JULY 2009
Born of emerald’s fire,
with passion in his eye’s,
this champion we aspire,
rallies hope unto the skies.
Mystical, and magical,
romantic, poet’s song,
merciful, and radical,
gentle soft, and strong.
Lifts our heart’s with music beat,
shares moments for a while,
warms us with his tender greet,
embrace us with his smile.
Who is this man of mystery
of dark, and ruddy skin,
who tell’s us all of history,
and fable’s from within.
We hear your words resounding
in troubled times you sing,
the memories still abounding,
of rock your still the king.
Your music live’s forever,
And your word’s ring strong, and true,
forget me not never,
were still in love with you.
Big Alzer.

May 2009

I’am Wiliam Steenbakkers from Holland

First I want to thank you and Phil for the great memories, music and our wonderfull daughter.

When I was 16, I heard for the first time phil’s music and I remember it like yesterday. It blew me away. Who was that guy? From that moment my live changed. I bought all the records, cd’s and dvd’s. I also played for 5 years in a thin lizzy tribute band.

In 2004(i saved all my money) I went for the first time to the vibe and in 2006 I visit your home. What a great experience. You were so kind. And you are such a lovely person. I never forget that moment. I held philip’s bass, wore his jacket and looked in his room. I even went on a photo with you. Me and my wife called our daughter Rosalie. She is now 8 years old. She knows that she is called after the song. She also likes the song and is very proud. This year she flew for the first time in an airplane. And not somewhere but to Dublin. Because she wants to see the statue and phil’s grave. She said that she had to thank Philip.

So when we where at the statue see hold him tide and thanked Philip with all her heart.

As a present I sent you the foto’s of my girl.

Thank you very much, lotts of love, good health, luck and all good wishes.

14th October 08
I was fortunate enough to meet Phil twice when he was with Grand Slam. He made us feel like we were long lost friends,  he may have been a rock god but he always made time for the fans and  those memories will stay with me forever.
I’m now 42 and i’ve played his music when i was in bands,  read the books , got the cd’s and the dvd’s but my proudest possession is the one i aquired this weekend and it will now stay with me until my sun goes down. Hope you like it and keep up the great work.
Andy Kerslake

30th June 2008
Meeting Phil in 1983He was my hero and we had a band playing Lizzy-songs, when the posters came up in our home town: Philip Lynott Band were going to play live in our Folkets Park (peoples’ park)! We couldn’t believe our eyes!
Earlier that year, 1983, we’d been to the farewell concert in Stockholm but we’d never thought that this icon and rock-king would visit our small town!We’d been in the park for a couple of hours when a Chevy-van drove up. Out ran John Sykes, heading straight for the lockers. After him followed Mark Stanway, Doish Nagle, Brian Downey and finally.. HIM!

My mouth went dry, my knees shook and I just couldn’t belive it! I was standing next to my King of rock’n’roll.. The greatest man I knew! My God!
I had bought different coloured paper downtown and some kind of broader pencils for the autographs. All of a sudden all the guys around me started shouting and begging me to have Phil write his autograph using my papers and pencils – since the autographs would look much better than written with an ordinairy pencil!
Phil sang short lines from different songs while signing… “he’s just a boy, that has lost his way..” I felt like the happiest guy alive standing next to him!! I remember thinking how dark brown his skin was, that he was taller than I’d guessed, and that he smelled of a combination of some after shave and alcohol! The one thing that caught me the most was his persona…his aura and the glow surrounding him! You could really feel you were standing next to a person with an insanely large overdose of star quality! He was electric to say the least!!

He must have signed some 50-70 autographs when he went off for the lockers. I suddenly realised I was the only one to not have had an autograph!! I ran after Phil calling out something and grabbed his shoulder. He stopped, turned around and looken deep into my eyes – first like in a quite serious way.. But then with a smile, after he had realised what was wrong. He laughed shortly, signed my piece of paper, put his hand upon my shoulder and asked if we wanted to stay for the soundcheck.. I almost cried!
Here I am, 25 years later, still reading everything that is to read about my hero, looking at the pictures and singing along with his songs.  Remembering and forever thinking about what would have been with Phil still around.
You will always remain the true King of Rock’n’Roll to me Philip! I still claim that there has never ever been anyone even close to your quality in rock’n’roll Philo – you were simply outstanding!

I visited his grave in 1986 and hung my silver earring on the small statue of the virgin Mary standing there.
Rest in peace you Black Rose of Ireland – forever in love with you!

Niqlas, Västerås, Sweden

JUNE 17TH 2008

In June 1978 I made my way from Belgium where I was a young soldier stationed with the British Army over to Belle Vue in Manchester to see my favourite band at the height of their fame on their Live and Dangerous tour.I had sent  the cut out application from the Melody Maker or New Musical Express magazine along with my cheque for a ticket.  Along with that I had written a short letter asking the box office at Belle Vue to keep my ticket and I would collect on the door.

Any way, when I got to the front  of the queue on the day of the gig I was horrified when the cashier told me there was no ticket in my name.  Eventually a man came along and I told him that I sent my cheque over a week ago.  He went away and came back with my letter (it was on blue paper) and said that he needed some identitification as to who I was before he could give me the ticket.  I didn’t have any except my Army ID which I was not prepared to show as Thin Lizzy were known to be a very pro IRA band and here I was a squaddie with crew cut hair at one of their gigs at a time when there was a lot of trouble in Northern Ireland.   I appealed to the man that I was who I said and that I had come all the way from Belgium to the gig.  Eventually after I told him word for word what was on the blue note paper he relented and gave me the ticket.

He went on to say a few times as I asked could I put my leather jacket and small bag in the office for safekeeping, “I can’t believe you’ve come all the way from Belgium for this gig”.

Anyway, I was in.  First up was Bob Geldof and the Boom Town Rats who were booed constantly as the crowd stamped their feet shouting “Lizzy, Lizzy!”   After 3 or 4 songs they left the stage a bit pissed off.  It took a while before Thin Lizzy came on as they had to be brought forward following Boom Town Rats being booed off.

Lizzy were stupendous and I left on a high at the end.

I foud the chap who had my bag and jacket in the office and he let me have them.  Just at the moment I was going to leave, one of Thin Lizzy’s managers Chris (can’t remember if it was Morrison or O’Donnel came in to see the man who I assume was duty manager at the venue.  Well the man told Chris that I must be Thin Lizzy’s most fervent fan as I had come over from Belgium.  Chris asked did I want to meet the band?  I was gobsmacked and said yes please.  I was taken back stage where all the roadies were packing the gear away.  I was taken into a large room where there were around 2 dozen people including Philip, Scott Gorham, Brian Downey and also a Machester United player Steve Coppel (I am a big Man U fan).

I felt a lot out of place so just walked up to a drinks trolley and picked up a can of beer.  As I drank I surveyed the room.  Sat on the floor in the middle was Scott and Brian D playing cards with around half a dozen drop dead gorgeous girls trying to get their attention.  Over in one corner was Philip dressed in white talking to Steve Coppell and a very attractive young lady who seemed to be with Steve.

I sidled up to Scott and Brian D and after a little while Scott looked up and said “Ok man” in his soft californian accent.  “Enjoy the gig?”   I replied “Yes, awesome”  I then asked where was Brian Robertson (who was a particular favourite of mine because of his renown aggressive nature).  Scott told me that Brian was in the back with a girl!

Eventually the room started filling with roadies who picked up cans of beer and joined in.  A while later people started to drink up and move out and I asked one of the roadies what was happenng.  He said they were all going to a newly opened disco to party.  I asked if I could tag along and he said sure follow him.

What a night!  I got to talk to Philip a couple more times eventually revealing that I was a soldier cos he asked what I did for a living.  That was a seriously silly thing to have done but I felt that I could trust him especially as I explained that for me it was just a job and I had no political opinions.  He aked did I like being a soldier and I said no as I had been in for 2 years at that time and life as a soldier was very hard.  He said why do you do it then.  I told him that my dad was a serving Warrant Officer and had wanted me to join so I didnt want to disappoint him.  Eventually Philip offerred me a job as a roadie.

I left the next day (having slept that night on the floor of one of the roadies rooms) and made my way back to Belgium.  I did ask to leave the Army and when I explained what for my Sergeant went beserk and told my dad who gave me a real hard time.  Needles to say I did not leave the Army to join Thin Lizzy as a roadie which although would have been every young mans dream would have been as it turned out a short career.

For me I will always treasure that wonderful time when I got to meet the late great Philip Paris Lynott in all his glory.


May 5th 2008

The first time I heard Jailbreak as a fourteen year old boy I was hooked.Phillip’s vocal/lyric delivery was like nothing I’d ever heard before. I went out and bought the album that day. I feel very fortunate to say I was able to see the band live in 1977, and that show has been ingrained in my brain ever since. Phillip’slive delivery of his songs was so powerful the memories are as clear to me today, as if the show was just yesterday. I still have the ticke t stub from that show, and keep it as a prized memento.

Phillip has had such a profoundly, positive effect on me in my life, from the age of fourteen all the way up to today at theage of 46. Was he a “Rock God”? , Yes. Was he also just a man of  flesh and blood, that felt all the joys and pains of life?, Yes.

The lyrics to all of his songs prove these points. I believe he was a man struggling to find a happy balance between Rockstar and human being. In 1986 when his hard living got the best of him and he was taken from us, I was truly heart broken.  I only knew him through is lyrics, but really believe that he and I would have gotten along well, because not only would it have been fun to knock back a few pints with him, but I really think that he and I share a lot of the same views on how important it is to keep family and friends close. Phillip was a Rocker, but he was also a man who wore his heart on a gold chain around his neck for the whole world to see, and that’s what made him a very ,very extraordinary man. Phillip is/was/and always will be my hero……..ok,… truth be told, he’s right there next to my Mom, Dad, and God.  Â

Gene Hagen

1st May 2008
Phil Lynott was one of my loves. We had 3 dates in the 60’s. We went to the movies. He was a true gent. I called my daughter Sarah because of his song. She died on 7th March 2008 and we played that song at her funeral in the UK. We also played it at her memorial in Dublin on 17th April.
So he will always be special to me ….. thank you Phil …. R.I.P

30th April 2008
Hi, I’m 18 years old, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to see Thin Lizzy performing live, but I’m gonna tell you my story of how and when I got known with Thin Lizzy and Phils’ works.
It all started, I think, half-year ago, when we were driving home and were listening to one „Oldies” CD in our car. In that CD there was also Thin Lizzy’s song „Whiskey In the Jar”. It was the first time I heard Thin Lizzy and I was so amazed about that song, so I started to search for other their songs. Then I got „Jailbreak” and it was, and still is, awesome! But it wasn’t over yet. When I got „Black Rose” and listened to the song „Black Rose” it instantly bacame my favourite song. I have never heard anything so beautiful! I don’t know if it was magical power or what, but I got addicted with that song. I listen to it every day and it’s still amazing. Since then I am huge fan of Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott especially. I have read a lot about Phil and I realised that he was amazing personality. I don’t know any other rock star who has given so many to everything he is doing. I think Phil is the only one.
And the last thing I want to tell you is that I have also wathced „Live and Dangerous” DVD and after wathcing it, I can definitely say that Thin Lizzy is number one live band! I have never seen any other group playing with such emotion than Thin Lizzy. When Phil was singing „Still in Love with You” I even started crying! Can you belive it? I almost never cry, especially watching rockconcerts, but that was so awesome! Unexplainable how great it was! And Phils’ emotions were so true. I just couldn’t hold my tears. I also watched very last interview of Phil taken just couple of weeks before his death. It was so sad to watch it! I cried again.
So, to sum up, I would like to say the largest thanks to Phil and boys for such beautiful songs they have made! And Rest in Peace Phil. I really, really miss you.Best wishes, Lasma from Latvia

April 15th 2008
Hey, my thin lizzy story! It might be a bit too long.. But it’s nice to have it written down anyhow!I’m only 18, so I never got to see the real Thin Lizzy. The first time I heard of Philip Lynott was when I was about 6. My best friends mother had known him quite closely, but it was the era of the Backstreet Boys and They Might Be Giants and there was no space for anything else in my life, my parents did not listen to his music, I was no classic rock fan, and all my friends were very like-minded. So he did not re-enter my thoughts again until about 8 years later. I was on the way to school with the same friend and her Dad put on the about to be released Greatest Hits Album, after much complaint from us as we wanted to listen to the new ScissorSisters album…
I hate to sound cheesy but as the first few notes of The Boys Are Back In Town sounded, something in me just switched on. From that second I was hooked. I went out that weekend and bought Greatest Hits and within 4 days knew the words to every song on the CD. After a couple of months of vigourous saving I was the proud owner of every studio album, and knew every song.It was by complete chance that I came across a Thin Lizzy tribute band whilst looking for tickets for something else, but out of curiosity, gathered a couple of friends and set off for what I was sure would be a complete disappointment. I was almost annoyed that someone felt they could recreate their music. How wrong I was! Feeling a little out of place in our pink skirts and bangles, we stood dignified at the back.. And then it started… I’m not sure if it was the crazy feeling that this is what it would be like to see Thin Lizzy, or just Wayne Ellis and his biceps, but by the end of the first song (Jailbreak..!) I was standing right at the front and singing along to every word, which was quite amusing considering as we’d walked in the man next to me, who had asked “Are you sure you’re in the right place, love?”, was visually in shock.

Since that night about 4 years ago I reckon I’ve been to over 25 LHL gigs. So, although I’m too young to have ever experienced the real Thin Lizzy, I thank my lucky socks that I have Limehouse Lizzy!! There is nothing in life I love more than Thin Lizzy, to the extent that I’m spending 3 months of my gap year in Dublin “for all it’s economic advantages” (translates: to be in Thin Lizzy centre)

Lots of Love

April 06th 2008.As a thirtheen year old boy way back in 1980 I discovered Thin Lizzy for the first time.
I went to a friends home after school and he had bought a new record.
He had bought Chinatown,and i was instantly hooked.
And to this day Lizzy is the one and only band.Two years later I was so fortunate to see them live.
This was my first concert and to see my heroes live was fantastic.
Little did i know then that was the last time they would perform in Norway.

I can still remember the fourth of January 1986.
It was the first day at school after the christmas holiday.
On the front page of a news paper told that Philip was dead,
it was a huge shock to me,i really had too struggle to hold my tears back on the bus home from school.

Phil`s music will always stand as a  milestone to me,I listen to a lot of different music,but Philip`s music will follow me,untill the day I lay with my
nose up……..

Frank Sørensen.

March 29th 2008

The One And Only Time I Saw Lizzy Live Was A Momentous One.March 12th 1983 was a brilliant day,Hammersmith Odeon, Thin Lizzy playing the fourth of four sold out shows there and my first live experience of any band.

Me and my brother had to get tickets from an agency because the box office had sold out (5.60 For 4.50 Tickets) Makes M
me laugh today….

Anyhow,the support was Mamas Boys who were good but not brilliant … then came the main event…..

The lights dimmed and the sirens howled and we’re into Jailbreak followed by countless  Lizzy classics…..

Come the encore Eric Bell,Gary Moore And Brian Robertson appeared to do Emerald,Black Rose and Still In Love With You, all of which appeared on the Lizzy live album “Life”

At the time it was the most truly stunning moment of my life up to that point and it is still the best gig I have ever been to.

Rest in peace,
Phil Lynott Roisin Dubh Black Rose

Owen O’ Grady

March 25th 2008
I first heard Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak” on the BBC Radio 1’s Tommy Vance Rock Show on a dark rainy Friday night in 1979 when aged just 13 and I was immediately hooked. It was then mind-blowing to learn that, somewhat like me, Phil Lynott was also of mixed Celtic and Afro-Caribbean  ancestry and that he too was born in the Birmingham area of England.
Phil’s stage entry on the 1981 tour at the Birmingham Odeon is still one of the most energetic, most powerful and most dynamic entrances that I have ever seen and I thank the Lord that I was able to see the great man perform while he lived.
But Phil’s power was felt in other ways too. Phil Lynott proved to be one of the greatest influences on my entire life when I was confronted with the venomous racism that then pervaded Western European society and culture. His music often gave me spiritual courage and his lyrical eloquence gave me the encouragement to speak out in a persuasive way. Now, almost 30 years later after first hearing “Jailbreak”, I am a qualified lawyer living in Canada, having been a police officer and postgraduate law student along the way, and know from first-hand experience that you simply have to have a role model and that you simply have to believe that you can succeed even when the odds against you seem insurmountable. This was both the power and the legacy of Philip Paris Lynott.
To the memory of Phil Lynott and to those who made Phil the enormous success that he became, I say to you too that you also made a success out of more than just Phil. God bless Phil’s soul, his mother Philomena, his wife Caroline, his daughters Sarah and Kathleen and the nation of Ireland for gifting the world another musical maestro. Thank you Phil; your memory lives for ever.

Best wishes to you all alwaysDavid Gray, LLM

Barrister and solicitor; notary public (Canada)

21st March 2008
I remember that day You passed away.
I was in a corridor,in my school at 8 o’clock about when one my
schoolfriend came to me with ties for sayng about your death. I was 15 and
only after many years I’ve understood how much I miss you and your
words,your songs and your feeling.You remain for me one of the best rockers
in my life and I’ll play your LP until my end. I hope to meet you one day
in a other place.
ciao Phil (your mother loves you)
Andrea ………..(from Milan)

March 20th 2008
Hello,the first ,excuse my poor English,I’m still learning it,and thanks for this oportunity.
Phill Lynott,Phill’s eyes,Phill’s voice.
I started listen to Phill when my brothers liked Thin Lizzy’s music,I bought my first LP of Thin Lizzy in 1989,sadly Phill had dead some years before.
During all this years was one of my favourite groups.I ever love Eire,his music,tales,the first time I visited Eire was in 1998,eight years later I could return,a friend of mine lives in Dublin and I went to visit her.One day I found in a shop a magazine with Phill’s face on the tittlepage and I bought it and thought that was a good gift for my brother.When I returned to my friend’s house,I started to read the magazine,I understood something but I couldn’t believe it,I said to my friend’s husband…..I need your help,could you translate this phrase,please?….Oh my God,do you know what it says?.Tomorrow,Friday afternoon in Harry Street,near pub Bruxelles a statue of Phill Lynott will be inaugurated…….Then….. Friday 19th August at six o’clock in the afternoon my friend and I were there,the street was crowded,many people,police,journalists,it was incredible.Somebody turned on a cd and started to sing Meat Loaf,people shouted THIN LIZZY…THIN LIZZY…..then, the music changed and we started to listen to “the boys are back in town” all people were singing,it was fantastic.
This is my beautifull remembrance about Phill in Dublin,luckily I came back to Dublin next summers and I will go soon.All these years I visited the Phill’s statue and took it photographs.I hope make it another time very soon.

Thanks Phill for all your songs.

Rita from Galiza

February 2008
My husband is a huge fan of Philip Lynott and Thin Lizzy and when his birtday came up I couldn’t resist doing a Philip Lynott – cake. My husband was very pleased and sad that I had to send a  picture to you.Please tell me what you think, does it look like Phil?

Take care

Karin Bernfalk

“I have recently returned to the U.K. after spending 6 years in South Africa. I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the statue yet but hope to make a pilgrimage sometime later this year.

I was in my teens when this legend of a man died, my best friend had only recently seen him perform with Gary Moore. I remember my sister, my friend and I shocked and subdued by his death. That is nothing however to how I feel now. At that time I didn’t fully appreciate the extent of his talent and his genius and the incredible loss of such a dynamic and sensitive man. during my time in South Africa, feeling faraway from home and going through some very tough times, this man and his music helped to pull me through, and get me back home. I made sure I interested a few South Africans in his music before I left, though he was well thought of out there by many anyway.

The most remarkable thing about Phil and Lizzy is that there is a song for every mood, from the soulful “still in love with you” which ranks as one of my all time favourite love songs, to the still fresh and vibrant “Dancing in the moonlight” and the excitement and energy of”The Boys are Back in town”. The images those songs conjure! “Do anything you want to do” was my anthem during my toughest time, no other lyrics made more sense to me than those. they were far more than just a “rock band” For some reason I have felt the loss of him keenly since my return, I never realised just how young he was and how much potential he had yet to fulfill, it now seems inconceivable that he should have lived and died so young. I know he would have matured into a phenomenal artist, he had already started to expand his musical horizons. I hope in some parallel universe  he is still doing his thing.

Anyway I know you’ve probably heard the same thing a thousand times, but it just feels good to be writing to someone who understands and appreciates this Giant of a man. I am glad to be home and can’t wait to visit Ireland and see him in bronze. It’s such a tragedy that renegades so often rebel against themselves.

I think he would have been appalled at the mess Mugabe has made of Zimbabwe, and would have taken back his salute to him in “Ode to a Black Man”, it’s still an awesome song though, He knew all about prejudice and poverty, and he overcame both. I love him. It’s wonderful that so many people feel the same way.”

Yours Sincerely Marie

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